Benson Public Schools
The people of the Benson area have always placed education high on their priority lists.  Benson Public Schools provide K-12 grade education to residents in School District 777, which encompasses about 400 square miles serving Benson, DeGraff, Clontarf, Danvers, and Swift Falls.

Benson Christian School
As a non-denominational school, Benson Christian School provide educational opportunities to families in the Benson area.  The school provides education in grades K-12 with a emphasis on strong family and church standards.

Early Childhood / Family Education
This program is coordinated through the Benson Community Education and Benson Public Schools.  It provides educational training to preschoolers and their parents.  Educational and fun social outings are planned for parents and their pre-school age children throughout the year.  Web site is part of Benson Public Schools web site under Northside Elementary.

Community Education
Educational and recreational opportunities are coordinated through the Community Education office during the school year.  Programs range from GED, craft, business, language, and first aid classes -- to group trips, sports camps, and special events.  Web site is part of Benson Public Schools web site.

Swift County Extension Service
An extension of the University of Minnesota, the Extension Service of Swift County offers a wide range of services ranging from agriculture planning, youth leadership and involvement, business, family, and community programs.

Benson Public Library
Part of Pioneerland Library System

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